27 October 2014

Emma Wise

All my people

Saturday 1 to Sunday 16 November
Opening Friday 31 October

Emma recently worked on a timeline for a public precinct in Townsville and that got her thinking about alternative timelines, ways of recording/recollecting that encompass narrative and interconnections and slippages across time and place. Memory can be elusive and for Emma context is critical – faces fade but the story sticks. For the wallwork All my people Emma will create a non-linear autobiographical ‘timeline’ – a recollection of her people, the people she’s met, the people who matter.

On opening night Emma asked visitors if they'd like to sift through a pile of her old address books and choose a name. If the person they picked was one of her people she wrote them a story about the person on their room sheet. Emma will be working in the space over the next two weeks and if she's there when you're there, pick a name and she'll write a story for you, too.


Images: Emma Wise, All my people (detail), 2014.

5 October 2014

Cecilia White

Breathing Space: [W]ALL

Friday 10 October to Sunday 26 October

Performance events
Forbidden: a durational work, Saturday 18 October, 12-2pm
so you, so me (brick walls to a void), Sunday 26 October, 12-2pm
Image: Cecilia White, Breathing Space: [W]ALL, 2014.

[W]ALL continues Cecilia White's interdisciplinary exploration of self, other and the in(de)finite. Drawing on Georges Perec's lipogrammatic novel 'La Disparition' (the Disappearance or A Void). [W]ALL considers the nature of walls, our emotions, and behaviours in relationship to their existence. What or whose purpose does a wall serve, and if, by removing the letter 'W' (as Perec removes 'E' in his novel), what remains? ALL? Paradoxically, this is the German word for space, where the air changes, as our breathing  does during times of transformation. That brings this three week performance and installation work to it's contemplation of 'all', nothing and dis/appearance of breath: that space in-between, an invisible, ephemeral [W]ALL...

Cecilia White is an interdisciplinary artist and poet currently studying at UNSW Art & Design. She has performed and exhibited internationally. This work is a result of her 2014 residency at the Cite' internationale des arts, Paris awarded by UNSW Art & Design.

18 September 2014

Hilarie Mais, Jessica Mais Wright and Eugenia Raskopoulos

Saturday 20 September to Sunday 5 October

Opening Friday 19 September, 6 to 8 pm

Installation view.

Hilarie Mais, Jessica Mais Wright and Eugenia Raskopoulos are exhibiting new work that accompanies Anne Graham's exhibition Shifting Sands and Falling Trees at Articulate project space.

All three artists are represented by williamwrightartists.com.au

28 August 2014

Sue Pedley

Sound Lines

29 August to 14 September

Opening Thursday 28 August, 6-8pm  

Sound Lines is a series of drawings made during a textile field trip in Gujurat, India (February 2014) and at a Land Art Project in Fall, Norway (July 2014). The chinagraph drawings and rubbings were made on a tour of textile factories, workshops and museums in Gujurat. They were made on the run, in buses, museums, artisan studios and ancient mosques, temples and traditional step wells. There are line drawings of colourful and intricate embroideries from Ahmedabads Calico Museum and others from the Rabari embroidery workshop at Kala Raksha; the rubbings were made at Gandhi s ashram, in markets and woodblock workshops. The drawings were made in Norway as research for a site specific work titled Birch Bridge. The materials for the workbirch wood, hemp, brooms and panswere found in situ, except for  a woollen fleece bought from Tasmania (my birth place) specifically for the project. Carbon paper was used to copy each drawing and rubbing, the carbon copy becoming in turn the foundation for a new work. A number were made in response to sound works by composers in the project; other artists collaborated in drawing. Each collection of drawings was made in a particular location, over a three week period in the company of artists and designers. Gathered together, exhibited side by side, they are a diary of images, conversations, history, fast impressionsgrounds for a deeper understanding of a new place and the complex layers of history that go to make up each sites identity. Land Art Project Participants: Boyd, Alison Clouston, Caroline Ho-Bich-Tuyen Dang, Kaisu Koivist, Egil Martin Kurdol, Kjell Samkopf

Image: Sue Pedley, detail, carbon paper, 2014. 


6 August 2014

Brenda Factor and Sally Clarke


8 August to 24 August
Opening Friday 8 August, 6-8pm  

An exhibition by Sydney based artists Sally Clarke and Brenda Factor.

Sally Clarke explores spatiality and identity through various formal placements of line both in the form of concentric circles and vertical lines. The work engages with the eccentric through the malleability of the plasticine, the anomalous character of pink and the shifting perceptions of the work as the viewer passes by. 

Brenda Factor creates small-scale paintings that combine the language of jewellery making with painting. In this body of work she continues her exploration of repetition and rhythm, this time within a grid format, undermining the formality of it's rigid structure by overlaying the craft of the handmade.

Images (left to right): Brenda Factor, Untitled, 2014. Spray paint on aluminium, 17 x 17cm. Photo: Brenda Factor. Sally Clarke, The Big Cow, 2014. Plasticine on wall, 80 x 80cm. Photo: David Eastwood.


15 July 2014

Veronica Habib


19 July to 3 August
Opening Friday 18 July, 6-8pm  

Image: Veronica Habib, Reciprocity No. 3, 2013.
Single Channel HD-DVD Duration: 3:00 minutes. 

Veronica Habib is a performance and installation artist whose interest lies in perceptions of the covered and exposed body. Through her video installations, she creates surrogate bodies engaging the audience, creating a presence and a sensory experience . The anthropomorphic qualities of clothing are utilized in her works as an external skin to explore themes of shame, body image and sexuality. Veronica challenges the concept of consent through the interconnecting relationship of the gaze, that is suggestive of touch and associated with violation, pleasure, destruction and play.

2 July 2014

Small Drawings of Human Beings

4 July - 13 July
Opening Saturday 5 July 3-5pm.

Image: Joe Frost, Footpath, 2013.

Stephen Bird, Peter Bonner, Lucy Buttenshaw,  Dagmar Cyrulla, Joe Frost, 
Virginia Grayson, Kaitlin Ku, Deborah Marks, Jo Meisner and Stephanie Monteith.
Curated by Maryanne Coutts.

10 June 2014

Clementine Barnes

Process pieces

14 June to 29 June
Opening Friday 13 June

Image: Clementine Barnes, Process piece number 5 & 6, found card and yarn, dimensions variable, 2014.

Process Pieces presents experiments, studies and materialised thought patterns usually only seen within the studio. Humble in both size and choice of materials, they are vulnerable relics of unrealised potential. These Process Pieces invite the viewer into the sacred space of creation.

Since completing her studies at the National Art School in 2012, Clementine has exhibited at numerous artist-run spaces in Sydney including Breezeblock, Factory49, Firstdraft and SNO Contemporary Art Projects. She is a current resident at BrandX Sydney and in July 2014 will commence a six-month residency at SNO Contemporary Art Projects. Process Pieces at ArticulateUpstairs continues Clementine’s exploration into gender and space.

More information can be found at www.clementinebarnes.wordpress.com

16 May 2014

The Blue Square Project

Wahida Azhari, Christine Boiry, Shawn Stipling, Bogumila Strojna

May 17 to June 1
Opening Friday
16 May, 6-8 pm

Images (clockwise from top right):
Bogumila Strojna, Wahida Azhari, Christine Boiry, Shawn Stipling.

Blue Square is a group show by four European artists, Wahida Azhari (Germany), Christine Boiry (France), Shawn Stipling (England) and Bogumila Strojna (Poland). The theme and title Blue Square refers to the historical tradition of abstraction and the significance of the square as a geometric form in the paradigm of twentieth century art. The square also refers to the role of constraint in the creative process, the process of accepting its limitations and/or constructive aspects.

Each of the artists has responded to this theme differently. Azhari responds to the square 
by creating two diagonal forms that emphasize dynamism between interacting shapes. Boiry emphasizes movement and rhythm in her construction, while Stipling refers to a personal experience in relation to architectural style. For Strojna  the cube or square forms part of her essential artistic lexicon or framework, a constraint that is one of the guiding principles of her practice – what she refers to as her ‘cubic grammar’

Blue Square is curated by Bogumila Strojna.

28 March 2014

Chris Packer

March 29 to April 13
Opening Friday
March 28, 6-8 pm

Gotta Zip

Image: Chris Packer, Colour Column (detail).

Chris Packer's Gotta Zip expands on his previous work, with two composite sculptural paintings. A series of six large hanging works occupy the entrance to the upstairs mezzanine, their long vertical zips of pure colour bouncing off each other or twisting to reveal carefully coordinated shifts. As the viewer walks around or through these works, their harmonies adjust accordingly, each element pulsing to its own logic while still connecting to the whole. Further into the space, a second series of six interconnected works re-attaches painting to the wall, with zips on gridded wire stretchers again exploring colour in three dimensions.

Chris Packer is a Sydney based artist.

19 January 2014

Merryn J Trevethan

March 1 to March 16
Opening Friday 28
February 6-8 pm

can’t get here from there...

can’t get here from there...(installation view), 2014. Photographer: silversalt.
can’t get here from there... is a site specific painted installation that continues my exploration of how an over-saturation of visual information often experienced in contemporary cities can
effect our perception. It is a response to the pervasive influence of screen based technologies,
a media saturated environment and the ease of which imagery can be endlessly manipulated.
Interconnected abstracted elements will colonises the gallery space, wrapping around corners
and traversing the walls. This installation is a spatial investigation into how we see, experience
and represent the world and explores how our mind and body responds to what is often an overwhelming amount of information received by our eyes.

Merryn J Trevethan is a Melbourne based artist. 
She has exhibited in Australia, New York and China.

Website: http://www.merryntrevethan.com/index.htm