22 November 2015

Wendy Howard

Homage to Johannes Kepler

Opening Friday 27 November 6-8pm
November ​28 to December​ 13

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Hexahedron,Icosahedron, Dodecahedron

Truncated tetrahedron, Truncated Octahedron, Truncated hexahedron, Truncated icosahedron, Truncated dodecahedron
Cuboctahedron, Icosadodecahedron, Rhombicuboctahedron, Rhombicosidodecahedron, Rhombitruncated cuboctahedron, Rhombitruncated icosadodecahedron, Snub cube, Snub dodecahedron

19 October 2015

Robyn Ferrell

Philosophy of the Body

November ​14 to November 22 
Opening Friday 13 November, 6-8pm

​ ​

Image: Robyn Ferrell, Paynes Grey Anatomy, 2015, photopolymer print on arches paper.
Philosophy of the Body uses traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques to bring to life the long history of imaging of the body. It reflects on evocations of bodies sacred and profane - from x-rays to the baroque, from medicine to imaginary anatomy, from the icon to the shroud and from brass rubbing to reliquaries.

Philosophy of the Body demonstrates the companionship of body and image, evoking the methods of image-making belonging to the body - the stain, the line drawing, shaping in fabric, wall-painting and iconography, captured in photographs and penetrated in medical imaging. It refers to the parallel history of printmaking in the use of old and new technologies like etching, drypoint, brass rubbing, Japanese woodblocks, photopolymer and digital printing.

ROBYN FERRELL is a printmaker with Terravita and is a member of the Warringah Printmaking Studio. View her work at http://robynferrell.weebly.com and http://terravita.weebly.com/robyn-ferrell.html

10 August 2015

Rachael McCallum

Suh-real; (blow your own mind)

Opening Friday 21 August 2015, 6-8pm

Saturday 22 August to Sunday 6 September

Artist talk from 3pm, Sunday 6 September

Image: Rachael McCallum, ceramic form (detail) 2015.

Suh-real; (blow your own mind) is a playful collection of works which seeks to explore and celebrate experiences of relationships to "lifetime". Speaking through juxtaposed objects such as the soap bubble and ceramic to challenge human relationships to time, reality and existence, combined in a semi-interactive installation of mixed media sculpture and ceramic paintings. One of the older Sophists, philosopher Protagoras of Abdera said it best when he proposed "Man is the measure of all things", such is a reflection of our instinctual strategy to begin with self reference when contemplating our surroundings. When we consider what is a beautiful thing, a valuable thing, a good thing, or even a perfect thing - we first begin with our self, which embodies our past experiences, social consensus and our relative physical situation. This collection of works seek to disorient such reference points by playing with relationship of gravity, the longevity of a moment, the beauty in the mess, and the perfection in the accident. Interaction with these ideas can be subconscious, and whilst this in itself may not be "mind-blowing", the proposition that you are responsible for your perception is one that can be fascinating to probe.

The media of Ceramic is liquid stone, caught in a moment of transition. Through an intensified process of dosages and temperatures, the piece matures quickly to then halt in its development when firing ends. This shift in environment changes the effects of time on the object, as seen in evidence in the glaze surface. This approach of dosages leads to experimentation, or "cooking", and with other materials and has lead to question experiences of both ephemeral and permanence. Rachael McCallum lives and works in Sydney, engaging with painterly ideas in the ceramic medium.

5 July 2015

Sarah Fitzgerald


Opening Friday 10 July 2015, 6-8pm
Saturday 11 July to Sunday 26 July     

Image: Sarah Fitzgerald, xX, 2015, site-specific painting ArticulateUpstairs.

Sarah Fitzgerald is a Sydney based artist and architect, currently completing a Masters in Fine Art at the National Art School. As part of her research and practice Sarah is completing numerous, successive, site-specific wall paintings in her studio at NAS and also at external venues. For ArticulateUpstairs Sarah has conceived of a wall painting that depicts a series of mathematical and text based signs that may also be associated with other cultural signs, such as 'X' as a sign which marks the spot or as a symbol for a kiss. Fitzgerald treats these symbols as universal, so that they can be taken to mean many things at once. Her wall-painting can be read as an abstract minimal work, or a love poem, depending entirely on the viewers inclination.

14 June 2015

Rachael Ireland

Making Place  

Opening Friday 19 June, 6 to 8pm 
Friday 20 June to Sunday 5 July 2015


Image: Rachael Ireland, Making Place (detail), 2015.

Rachael Ireland is a Sydney based photographic artist preoccupied by ideas of how we imagine the places we live and travel. She uses the camera to examine the constructions, tensions and thresholds that exist within her own understanding of home and place.

Making Place presents a selection of new work developed from her experience occupying Haefliger’s Cottage as a participating artist in the Hill End Artist-In-Residence Program. 

“simultaneously an insider and outsider but embodying neither, this work captures the intermingling of being within and looking upon” 

6 May 2015

Pamela Leung

Not another bloody coffee shop

Opening Friday 29 May, 6-8pm 
Friday 30 May to Sunday 14 June

Image: Pamela Leung.

Pamela Leung is a Sydney based artist whose work is focused on installation working with everyday objects and materials as her medium. Her work is the culmination of shifts in experience, confrontation and cultural Diasporas’. Not Another Bloody Coffee Shop addresses themes of relational aesthetics within an existing social context and the community environment generated within café culture.

Leung’s personal history, having moved from Hong Kong to Sydney in the 1970s, has added a dimension to the way she sees the world. Pamela enjoys a dual identity that is in her own words “Westernised” but intrinsically tied to her Chinese cultural heritage. Leung’s preference for using the colour red refers to cultural, spiritual and traditional memories as well as themes of meditation, Zen, emotion and the ordinariness of everyday life. Often Leung brings together found materials with a zesty placement of red in each construction.

13 April 2015

Julia Kennedy-Bell

colour wave
Saturday 18 April to Sunday 3 May


Image: Julia Kennedy-Bell, colour waves, installation detail ArticulateUpstairs, 2015.
Photographer Francesca Mataraga.

Julia Kennedy-Bell is a Sydney based artist. Kennedy-Bell has developed her own personal
language through the use of mark-making and colour, exploring abstraction and colour as
three-dimensional form through drawing and painting on paper. Her current body of work
presents three-dimensional paintings as paper sculptures and installations, where
abstraction is presented as occupying both two-dimensional and three-dimensional space.
Kennedy-Bell has exhibited work at various venues in Sydney including Culture at Work,
Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Sydney Non Objective, Factory 49 and Gaffa Gallery.

5 February 2015

Vsevolod Vlaskine

water series: photo, video, and audio works

Saturday 14 February to Sunday 1 March

Opening Friday 13 February, 6-8pm



Vsevolod Vlaskine presents a selection of photographs, video and audio from his ‘water series 2012 to 2014' at ArticulateUpstairs.

The stills and videos of the water series are an unedited photographic record that attempts to gain insight into water’s reflective surface. Reflections on water are beyond our spatial, temporal, or quantitative scale. While they produce rhythmic white noise when they meet the shore, away from land their harmonics are simpler and more structured and so bizarrely sound-like that their appearance implies music to us. However, when not stormy, apart from the whistle of the wind or an occasional splash of a fish, the sea is profoundly silent. Rather than trying to stage, control, or construct, the artist is interested in making visual sense of water’s reflections and turning those images into sound.

Image: Vsevolod Vlaskine, water series, 2012-2014.