6 May 2015

Pamela Leung

Not another bloody coffee shop

Opening Friday 29 May, 6-8pm 
Friday 30 May to Sunday 14 June

Image: Pamela Leung.

Pamela Leung is a Sydney based artist whose work is focused on installation working with everyday objects and materials as her medium. Her work is the culmination of shifts in experience, confrontation and cultural Diasporas’. Not Another Bloody Coffee Shop addresses themes of relational aesthetics within an existing social context and the community environment generated within café culture.

Leung’s personal history, having moved from Hong Kong to Sydney in the 1970s, has added a dimension to the way she sees the world. Pamela enjoys a dual identity that is in her own words “Westernised” but intrinsically tied to her Chinese cultural heritage. Leung’s preference for using the colour red refers to cultural, spiritual and traditional memories as well as themes of meditation, Zen, emotion and the ordinariness of everyday life. Often Leung brings together found materials with a zesty placement of red in each construction.