11 December 2013


December 7 to 22
Opening Friday 6 December 6-9 pm

EIizabeth Ashburn 
Sue Callanan 
Sally Clarke 
Ella Dreyfus
Sylvia Griffin 

Ro Murray 
David Watson

Discarded, Hidden, Forgotten, Discovered, Treasured, Honoured
A diverse group of artists join together to celebrate a common thread in each of their practices

Image: David Watson, Family, 2008.

26 October 2013

Lynne Barwick and India Zegan: Closer

November 16 to December 1
Opening Fri 15 Nov 6-8 pm

India Zegan and Lynne Barwick’s work is linked by a shared interest in cultural narratives of identity, in the blurred ground of fiction and autobiography and in disrupting empirical language to reveal its surrounding ghosts. In a furthering of the artists’ discussions, Zegan’s abstracted portraits and Barwick’s painted text, reflect and engage each other in an open-ended conversation.

Zegan’s suite of twelve, blind-embossed prints are the latest addition to her Museum of Fathers – an ongoing project of applying the structures and processes of contemporary museum culture to her explorations of fatherhood and gender. 

Barwick’s text pieces incorporate literary techniques and genres to examine the uses of language in contemporary art. Barwick’s installation for Closer presents a series of propositions and declarations that examine the narratives that underpin ideas of community and evolution. 

Lynne Barwick (left), Signs & Wonders 1, 2013 (installation detail).
Photographer Felicity Jenkins.
India Zegan (right), Woodblock for Ghosts: ACR/MEJ #37,  2011-2013.
Photographer Eamonn McLoughlin.

India Zegan and Lynne Barwick are Sydney-based artists.
Their respective work can be viewed online at:

2 August 2013

Adrian Clement: Collection 4

Image: Adrian Clement, Collection 4, 2013. 

Saturday August 3 to 18
Opening Friday 2 August, 6-8pm

Collection 4 is a collection of artworks that are grouped together by the simple criteria that they are predominately blue in colour (or solely contain the colour blue) and were already physically existent when the artists were invited to participate. The equivalence in colour allows for an opportunity to view these individual artworks collectively.

Participating artists include John Adair, Matthew Allen, Daniel Argyle, Clementine Barnes, Majella Beck, Louise Blyton, Sue Callanan, Christopher Dean, Rhonda Dee, Richard Dunn, Nicole Ellis, Beata Geyer, Alexandra Kennedy, Melanie E. Khava, Suzie Idiens, Kyle Jenkins, Ben Lang, Lindy Lee, Stephen Little, Kate Mackay, Francesca Mataraga, Sarah Newall, Alicia Poppet, Alex Pye, Samuel Quinteros, Paul Raguenes, Margaret Roberts, Marlene Sarroff, Liz Shreeve, Masato Takasaka, Esther Tonkinwise and Justin Trendall.

Adrian Clement is an artist and writer based in Sydney who is currently working on projects that involve the collection of blue objects according to specific contexts. So far, this has included the collection of blue rubbish, presented as an installation at Factory 49 in February, 2013, an ongoing photographic series of blue cars, and a collaboration with another artist and her daughter which involves reviewing their entire possessions to document objects that are blue and subsequently interviewing them about these objects. These projects can be viewed online at www.adrianclement.com

Download or view room sheet here.

21 June 2013

Francesca Mataraga: a to b (wall work)

Image: Francesca Mataraga, a to b (wall work), 2013. 

'a to b (wall work for ArticulateUpstairs)' 

Friday 21 June to Sunday 14 July 
Opening 21 June, 6-8pm
'a to b (wall work)' is a site-specific painting created for the ArticulateUpstairs exhibition space. In this latest installation Francesca Mataraga continues her series of works based on IKEA fabrics patterns that explore size and scale in architectural space. The wall work responds to the architectural elements of the venue and the original pattern is adapted accordingly. The striped element and the title 'a to be' refers both to the viewer's action of walking along the corridor next to the work in order to see it and to the pattern's name – Annbeth. 

A parallel work is also being created simultaneously at the AUTOCENTER (Berlin). In this piece the same IKEA pattern is used but the wall painting takes on a different form. Executed as a process piece 'a to b (wall work for AUTOCENTER)' is made using Schmincke's extra soft pastels in colours that correspond to the stripes. By using such fine art materials for a piece that will only last half a day the work attempts to comment on the temporality of art and functions as a kind of art graffiti.

ArticulateUpstairs wall work painted by Creative Finish. 
AUTOCENTER (Berlin) wall work painted by collective action of  participants in the Autocenter Summer Academy – Week 1.

Further work in this series will be exhibited later in 2013 at Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney. 

3 April 2013

Yvette Hamilton: A Loved One Sleeping

Image: Yvette Hamilton, A Loved One Sleeping #5, 2013. 

Opening 24 May, 6-8pm

Friday 24 May to Sunday 16 June   

A Loved One Sleeping is an exhibition of photographic works by Yvette Hamilton.

Inspired by Victorian-era mourning portraiture, A Loved One Sleeping memorializes the creative space that was the QueenSt Studios/Frasers Artist Studio Residencies and which was housed in a Chippendale warehouse space, offered to artists as part of the Frasers Central Park development. Hamilton was amongst the last group of artists to inhabit the studios before they were handed back to the developers and her work responds to the inherent tension of the site as it teetered on the edge of its demise. The photographic and video works taken during and after her residency explore presence and absence.

This exhibition is presented in association with HeadOn.