5 February 2015

Vsevolod Vlaskine

water series: photo, video, and audio works

Saturday 14 February to Sunday 1 March

Opening Friday 13 February, 6-8pm



Vsevolod Vlaskine presents a selection of photographs, video and audio from his ‘water series 2012 to 2014' at ArticulateUpstairs.

The stills and videos of the water series are an unedited photographic record that attempts to gain insight into water’s reflective surface. Reflections on water are beyond our spatial, temporal, or quantitative scale. While they produce rhythmic white noise when they meet the shore, away from land their harmonics are simpler and more structured and so bizarrely sound-like that their appearance implies music to us. However, when not stormy, apart from the whistle of the wind or an occasional splash of a fish, the sea is profoundly silent. Rather than trying to stage, control, or construct, the artist is interested in making visual sense of water’s reflections and turning those images into sound.

Image: Vsevolod Vlaskine, water series, 2012-2014.