27 October 2014

Emma Wise

All my people

Saturday 1 to Sunday 16 November
Opening Friday 31 October

Emma recently worked on a timeline for a public precinct in Townsville and that got her thinking about alternative timelines, ways of recording/recollecting that encompass narrative and interconnections and slippages across time and place. Memory can be elusive and for Emma context is critical – faces fade but the story sticks. For the wallwork All my people Emma will create a non-linear autobiographical ‘timeline’ – a recollection of her people, the people she’s met, the people who matter.

On opening night Emma asked visitors if they'd like to sift through a pile of her old address books and choose a name. If the person they picked was one of her people she wrote them a story about the person on their room sheet. Emma will be working in the space over the next two weeks and if she's there when you're there, pick a name and she'll write a story for you, too.


Images: Emma Wise, All my people (detail), 2014.