5 October 2014

Cecilia White

Breathing Space: [W]ALL

Friday 10 October to Sunday 26 October

Performance events
Forbidden: a durational work, Saturday 18 October, 12-2pm
so you, so me (brick walls to a void), Sunday 26 October, 12-2pm
Image: Cecilia White, Breathing Space: [W]ALL, 2014.

[W]ALL continues Cecilia White's interdisciplinary exploration of self, other and the in(de)finite. Drawing on Georges Perec's lipogrammatic novel 'La Disparition' (the Disappearance or A Void). [W]ALL considers the nature of walls, our emotions, and behaviours in relationship to their existence. What or whose purpose does a wall serve, and if, by removing the letter 'W' (as Perec removes 'E' in his novel), what remains? ALL? Paradoxically, this is the German word for space, where the air changes, as our breathing  does during times of transformation. That brings this three week performance and installation work to it's contemplation of 'all', nothing and dis/appearance of breath: that space in-between, an invisible, ephemeral [W]ALL...

Cecilia White is an interdisciplinary artist and poet currently studying at UNSW Art & Design. She has performed and exhibited internationally. This work is a result of her 2014 residency at the Cite' internationale des arts, Paris awarded by UNSW Art & Design.