28 March 2014

Chris Packer

March 29 to April 13
Opening Friday
March 28, 6-8 pm

Gotta Zip

Image: Chris Packer, Colour Column (detail).

Chris Packer's Gotta Zip expands on his previous work, with two composite sculptural paintings. A series of six large hanging works occupy the entrance to the upstairs mezzanine, their long vertical zips of pure colour bouncing off each other or twisting to reveal carefully coordinated shifts. As the viewer walks around or through these works, their harmonies adjust accordingly, each element pulsing to its own logic while still connecting to the whole. Further into the space, a second series of six interconnected works re-attaches painting to the wall, with zips on gridded wire stretchers again exploring colour in three dimensions.

Chris Packer is a Sydney based artist.