16 May 2014

The Blue Square Project

Wahida Azhari, Christine Boiry, Shawn Stipling, Bogumila Strojna

May 17 to June 1
Opening Friday
16 May, 6-8 pm

Images (clockwise from top right):
Bogumila Strojna, Wahida Azhari, Christine Boiry, Shawn Stipling.

Blue Square is a group show by four European artists, Wahida Azhari (Germany), Christine Boiry (France), Shawn Stipling (England) and Bogumila Strojna (Poland). The theme and title Blue Square refers to the historical tradition of abstraction and the significance of the square as a geometric form in the paradigm of twentieth century art. The square also refers to the role of constraint in the creative process, the process of accepting its limitations and/or constructive aspects.

Each of the artists has responded to this theme differently. Azhari responds to the square 
by creating two diagonal forms that emphasize dynamism between interacting shapes. Boiry emphasizes movement and rhythm in her construction, while Stipling refers to a personal experience in relation to architectural style. For Strojna  the cube or square forms part of her essential artistic lexicon or framework, a constraint that is one of the guiding principles of her practice – what she refers to as her ‘cubic grammar’

Blue Square is curated by Bogumila Strojna.