11 July 2017

Jan Taylor, Toni Warburton, Anna Ingham

Steerage:  Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 July at 3pm

Steerage — a collaboration with PLATFORM 2017 — steers a course through 'performed objects' referencing BOAT. The interstices of two circles of equal radii forms the geometric shape of a lens and a symbolic shape known as Vessica Piscus. 
The integration of movement in an environment requires re organisation of the framework. Our objects allow a translation of the framework through the lens of movement and symbolic meaning of the Vessica Piscus - balance and creation.

Tess de Quincy was interested in exploring interactions between De Quincy Co's PLATFORM 2017 at  Articulate project space and  our work BOAT 17 at ArticulateUpstairs. 

In response, we devised Steerage, a 'performed objects ' collaboration to be included in PLATFORM 2017 on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th July.

On Tuesday 11th July, in consultation with Tess, we installed image projections, objects and  materials to invite interactive propositions around gestures, sensations, affect and embodiment ( ideas expounded in works by sculptor Lygia Clark  come to mind).

We are intrigued by the 'stretch' of experimental possibilities that could arise from interactions between Steerage, selected performers in PLATFORM 2017 and Tess's choreography of the audience. Having been performed, possibly, transformed, some objects and materials from Steerage   may  then be contained, marked, wrapped, relocated for  inclusion in our contemplative  installation, BOAT -  sculpture, drawings and ceramics from  Friday 21st -Sunday 30th July.

Such  'performed objects' and materials may be changed and somehow consecrated by the interaction. The provenance of their collaborative history between Steerage  and PLATFORM 2014 will be noted.

selected works from Steerage:
Anna Ingham Steerage projection ( movie file)

Jan Taylor Doldrums ( graphite, canvas, jute rope)

Jan Taylor Gyro-Affect (wood)

Toni Warburton Oystercatcher cups (ceramic)

Toni Warburton Audile 1 (cast iron)