2 July 2019

Laine Hogarty - Industry of parts

Opening event Friday 12 July 6-8pm

Open 11am-5pm 13-14 July

project space project #17

Extending on an earlier work called “democracy of parts", Laine's installation in ArticulateUpstairs reflects on the impermanency of art production. Manoeuvring reclaimed materials, through the space as a roving canvas, she references the site and also her intuitive connection to the project space as an exploratory art laboratory.

The artwork has no specific final or intended form nor any particular function except to reference its location and any feelings or experiences that may arise in the space. Visitors to the project space are invited to engage in the movement of the parts as a process of play to contribute to the production of the work. 

At the finale of the project the documented findings will be displayed as an animated sequence of images that reference the process which has no final intent other than to map the space.

Articulate began the project space project as an experiment with exhibition practice in which artists develop artwork in a space over a 2 week period, leaving any decision about if or when to open it to visitors to later in that period. The purpose is to support the development of artwork that acknowledges the place in which it is located by being largely conceived and constructed there. See earlier project space projects here. 

Laine Hogarty Untitled 2019