28 July 2019

From a White Ground opens Friday 2 August 6-8pm

Open Fri-Sat 11am-5pm  3 - 18 August

From a white ground is a joint exhibition by Nicole Ellis and Barbara Halnan,  questioning the place or role of the white ground in their recent works.  By putting emphasis on the primary existence of the white ground the artists look at the connections between their different practices that emerge from this point of departure.

Halnan has been working on white canvases or panels incorporating texture and subtle colour. She uses multiple panels of various sizes to create four different works, which look at numbers, line and form and incorporate elements of low relief.

Ellis’ textile-based collages use offcuts and pieces of fabric left over from earlier works. The surfaces are marked with paint and other chance details, which indicate previous activity. The muted colours on the white ground create space and a luminance which destabilizes the forms and enforces the negative spaces.

Nicole Ellis, Light Ground (brown) 2018, fabric and acrylic paint on canvas, 76.2 x 55.8 cm 

Barbara Halnan Wandering 2019. Nine panels, each 21x21 cm form a grid approx. 75x75 cm. Acrylic, collage and applied texture on MDF panels.