2 February 2019

Opening Friday 22 February - Jo Morrow, Adi O'Hara and Belinda Wincote

In Situ

Opening Friday 22nd February 6-8pm

Open Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th February, 11am - 5pm

In Situ is an exhibition of collaborative work by Jo Morrow, Adi O’Hara and Belinda Wincote in response to the mezzanine space of ArticulateUpstairs. Each artist brings their particular interest in investigating and describing the architecture of space to the group project. The artists are interested in form and colour relationships, variously explored through the rendering of the shifting and elusive nature of shadows, the imagining and deconstruction of interior space, through to a concrete and tactile working-out of map-like trajectories through spaces in the building. A playful process of painting, editing, negotiating and assembling will contribute to the work to be shown on opening night.

The artists will use ArticulateUpstairs as a project space for two weeks, with the opening for public exhibition on the final weekend. Please note that while Articulate will be open from 9 February for the ground-floor exhibition, In Situ will not be open until 22 February. 

Adi O'Hara Watch This Space 2019