17 February 2019

In Situ opens Friday 22 February 6-8pm

Adi O’Hara, Belinda Wincote and Jo Morrow

Open 11am-5pm 23-4 February 2019

The opening of In Situ this coming Friday 22nd February is the culmination of a three-week project undertaken by Adi O’Hara, Belinda Wincote and Jo Morrow. The artists have used the project space of ArticulateUpstairs as a platform for investigating the properties of form, and colour, shape and shadow, within the architectural structure of the building. Notions of how we negotiate space and the relative accessibility of different art forms have also preoccupied the artists. The result is a series of affectionately termed ‘Trash Tapestries’ that have evolved over the weeks in a process of paint application, erasure, cutting and stitching. It is no metaphor to say that a fair amount of blood, sweat and tears has gone into the project; not least of all due to needlepoint injury, a steamy weather forecast, and general hilarity. During their time at Articulate, the artists have documented their process in photograph and time-lapse video. Some of these images will be on display at opening night

We hope you can join us!


In Situ in progress, 2019