1 October 2017

WENDY HOWARD, NOTEBOOKS 1969-2017 opens Friday 6 October 6-8pm

Open Friday - Sunday 7 - 22 October 2017 

Artist's talk: Sunday 15 October 2pm

Wendy Howard Second Blue Satin 2017

Late in 2014, a notebook was returned to me out of the past – my first notebook, begun in 1969 in senior high school. As an artist, I have always used a notebook to organize, think, remember, and the return of this genesis of the books made me view them differently, objectively. I remembered the reason for the first notebook’s creation. We were required as senior students to keep separate files for each subject and I found breaking experience up into isolated chunks to be counterproductive. So I began the notebooks and started mixing study, life and ideas all together as they occurred. The visual/design aspect of each page helped thought and memory.

After a hiatus, I returned to the use of notebooks when I began study at art school and have maintained one ever since. The books contain everything – ideas, sketches, shopping lists, money (lack of usually). They have become a part of my brain, and a way to assess each day how steady my hand and mind are.

 These notebooks are not part of my art production, but as a collection they have become (one visual identity/an object in itself), one that I very much wanted to see together. Nearly 50 years of creative life, with a few gaps, are represented here.

Logically this leads me to think of the end of the series. I would want to destroy them rather than leaving them behind after my death to be dealt with by my relatives, but to choose the time of their completion is akin to choosing the time of my own death.

As only one double page of each book will be displayed at any one time, the pages will be turned each week so that 3 different viewings are possible.

Wendy Howard Concertina

Wendy Howard gli alieni

Wendy Howard Gondola

Wendy Howard Indian Drum

Wendy Howard Seagulls

Wendy Howard babar & alligator