22 October 2017

Hidden - opens Friday 27 October 6-8pm

Kirsten Drewes and Elizabeth Rankin 

28 October – 12 November 2017

Kirsten Drewes   Babyface wool felt,plastic  35x 30cm,2017
The exhibition Hidden reveals secrets, both the familiar and unfamiliar; the return of the half remembered into the present. It negotiates with the ambiguity of perception and presents experience as haunted, curious and ironic. Kirsten Drewes and Elizabeth Rankin present works which explore disturbing worlds. Kirsten’s soft sculptures describe abject bodily forms with humour. Elizabeth’s darkly romantic paintings, drawings and animations narrate stories of Australian noir. This is an integrated exhibition. It engages the space by hanging small and large drawings in space as collage and projecting animations onto a surface. There are soft sculptures crouching on the floor and suspended from the ceiling. The intention is for a dialogue between the works of each artist within the space that will extend the perceptions of the viewer. This collaboration between the artists enriches the experience of the exhibition as one of varied visual forms that create new conversations about the vulnerability of being human.

Elizabeth Rankin Mortality  oil/marble dust/wax on wood,2017