12 September 2017

Two Wall Drawings: Annelies Jahn and Sally Clarke opens Friday 15 September 6-8pm

Open 11am - 5pm Saturday 16 September - Sunday 1 October 2017
Artist's talks: Sunday 1 October 3pm

An exhibition of two wall drawings—by Annelies Jahn and Sally Clarke.


Annelies Jahn presents 5 X 9 #2.2 variation, 2017, part of an ongoing drawing project that can adapt to different spaces. Using systems and process, the work uses personal units of measure and an element of chance with similar intention to the works of Sol Le Witt. The continuous line drawing of string secured with pins, is made over a loose grid. The resulting drawing is subtle with line strength dependent on both the viewing point and changing light.

It is part of an art practice that investigates space, relationship and temporality. Exploring the agency and reception of ephemerality, contingency, everydayness and context within the processes of art making, Annelies works with a variety of media such as installation, intervention, drawing, assemblage, painting, photography and video. 

Annelies Jahn 5 x 9 #2.1 / variation, 2017 string and pins 230 x 325 cm The Drawing Exchange NAS August 2017
Sally Clarke creates linear wall works in pink modelling clay, her medium of choice since 2013. Through a process of slow and recycled drawing, Clarke genders the line in depictions of Australian ‘bush’ themes and other visual topics to critique masculine narratives and gendered constructions of ingenuity. 

At ArticulateUpstairs Clarke presents a drawn version of her 2004 painting Dismemberments: Some Stumps to Remember Our Great Artists By, a critique of Australian landscape painting.  It references Sigmund Freud’s castration theory and the anxiety experienced by white occupiers when confronted by the ‘she’ of the bush.

Sally Clarke, Dismemberments: Some Stumps To Remember Our Great Artists By (drawing), 2017, modelling clay on wall, 275 x 275cm. Image courtesy of the artist

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