11 March 2021

Judy-Ann Moule - Hairline

Open Fri - Sun 11am-5pm, 5-21 March  

Open Days 20-21 March 11am-5pm

Artist talk Sunday 21 March 1.30pm

Hairline is the result of 2 weeks residency in ArticulateUpstairs.

Judy-Ann Moule Hairline 2021 

The heaviness of distance - 18,263 sleeps

You can maim a garment by cutting off one sleeve…then the other. 

Slicing across the shoulders, then down the side seams, you loosen its bodily form. Laying it flat, stripping it into lengths, knotting and winding it’s in a state of becoming…. of becoming something other.

Slowly, by processes of transformation and co-poïesis, clothing, skin-like echoes renewal.

Memory of touch resides only as a trace …

Judy-Ann Moule #1973 2021