25 September 2018

Making : memory - Rox De Luca, Michele Elliot and Laurie Paine

Friday 5th – Sunday 21st October, 2018

Opening: Friday 5th October 6-8pm

In conversation: Sunday 21st October – 2pm

Artist and Articulate co-director Margaret Roberts in conversation with the artists, Rox De Luca, Michele Elliot and Laurie Paine

Open hours: Friday - Sunday 11am to 5pm

Making : memory  came about through exchanges between the artists that focus on collecting and accumulation, gesture and process. This body of work presented by De Luca, Elliot and Paine coheres in material conversations around the life of textiles and objects. The artists incorporate once-used and familiar objects, re-imagined and transformed through weaving, stitching and assemblage.

About the artists:

Rox De Luca lives in Bondi, New South Wales. De Luca’s practice reflects her interest in the serious global issue of waste, specifically plastic waste that our species generates daily. De Luca uses weather-worn plastics sourced from her local beach and one of our nation’s most popular, Bondi Beach. Sometimes plastics are accessed from elsewhere for example, aviation seals or the thread-like remnants left by the drilling process of the plastics. The resulting sculptural garlands and tangled constructions are reflections of her coastal home and the greater human landscape of waste. For this project, Rox would like to incorporate found and reclaimed textile materials in her sculptural pieces.

Rox De Luca  Mama’s dress with green garland, 2018,  clothing, found plastic, wire detail

Michele Elliot is a visual artist and occasional writer based in the Illawarra, NSW. Her work encompasses sculpture, installation, textiles and drawing and comes out a material practice. Whether in large scale installations using thread and fabric constructed in the space of the gallery, or with her more intimate objects, Elliot’s focus on connectivity, mapping and the body often results in a strange balance between restraint and excess. Her survey exhibition, some kind of longing : textile works is on display at the Tamworth Regional Art Gallery in Sept-Oct. It includes works that span more than two decades. Currently, Elliot is Artist-in-Residence at Tender Funerals in Port Kembla NSW, through funding from Create NSW.

Michele Elliot green floral (detail), 2017, gifted clothing, cotton thread

Laurie Paine is an artist living in Hurstbridge, Victoria. Paine’s practice is concerned with the inherent language of cloth and its influence on our lives. Dating from her own discovery of the relevance of designs to her Palestinian cultural heritage and subsequent investigation, this theme has continued through the work. Further, Laurie has explored these notions of language in cloth through travels; Africa, Central America, and most recently, East Timor and Laos, where women have strived to maintain their cultural heritage through the ever fluent metaphor of hand woven cloth.

Laurie Paine Rose, (detail), 2010, linen, rose, thread, 6 x 7 cm