27 May 2018

Annelies Jahn and Oliver Wagner: Screening,

Annelies Jahn and Oliver Wagner's collaborative work, Screening, will open on Friday 1 June, 6-8pm, and be open 11am - 5pm, 2-17 June.

Artists' talks: Sunday 3 June 3-5pm

Screening is a collaborative site-specific installation by Annelies Jahn and Oliver Wagner. It investigates the peculiarities of ArticulateUpstairs. The viewer’s attention is directed to space and light as the predominant mediums of the work. The architectural space is broken up with fabric and the incidental light is redirected through mylar, which is laid out on the floor.

Screening connects the interior of the gallery with the busy exterior of Parramatta Road. A semi-translucent fabric screen stretched across the space both conceals and exposes the window to the street. Reflected sparks of sunlight or the glow of headlights from passing cars are projected onto the screen. The mylar mirrors the construction and silver lining of the lofty ceiling as well as reflecting light onto the white gallery walls.

 A curiosity in the nature of perception, place, the temporary and ephemeral motivate Annelies Jahn’s art practice. Through observations of objects, phenomena and actions she seeks to understand our relationship to place – our habitation. Place and space are subjects of her work, which often takes form as site-conditioned installation or intervention.

Oliver Wagner investigates specific and non-specific painting methodologies in relation to the conventions of skill, craft and care. He sees painting as a generic exercise that makes an idea visible. The bodily experience of paint’s physicality and colour’s three-dimensionality always draw him back to the object of the painted picture – an object that is related to the space in which it is shown.

Annelies and Oliver met at National Art School. In 2016 they commenced working on specific collaborative projects that bring together their methodologies.