2 January 2017

Sarah J Newall

Fashist (Summer Wardrobe)

Saturday 7 January to Sunday 22 January

Opening Friday 6 January 6-8pm

Image: Sarah J Newall, Summer vest 2017, spoon necklace 2017.

The new and exclusive, engineered zero waste designer clothing label “Sarah Newall”, made by me for me.

Since 2014 the focus and direction of my practice has been on sustainability. I am trying to live by the zero waste principles of refuse, reduce, recycle, reuse, and rot. In line with this I am rethinking my wardrobe to bring it in line with sustainable principles, and to bypass the possibility of buying unethically produced clothing that is poor quality ‘fast fashion’. To create Fashist (Summer Wardrobe) I used stockpiled fabric from a fashion project I did in 2007, as well as acquired materials from Reverse Garbage, fabric remnant shops, donated materials and wool from family and friends. Fashist will now be forever ongoing and evolving.