23 August 2016

Andrew Simmons

Saturday 6 to Sunday 15 August 
Opening Friday 5 August 6-8pm

Andrew Simmons

Gut Wrenching (A Love Letter to Eva)

Image: Andrew Simmons (40, 23, 39, 20, 36, 33, 27, 34, 28) details.

The presented body of work is a series of drawings created as a personal diary over the course of 2 months. They are all created on A4 sized pieces of paper in a range of styles and mediums. It is a continuation of a newly formed interest in the pros and cons of the image over the 3-dimensional, but more importantly it is a return to working with introspective concepts. As an excerpt from the wall text states: “They portray something which I am still apprehensive to speak about openly and a matter which I’m still trying to figure out personally. They allow me to sort things through and express what I’m tossing over mentally and physically through art rather than words and that is the significance of this body of work.”