17 April 2016

Ida Lawrence

Friday 22 April to Sunday 8 May

Opening event Saturday 30 April, 6-8pm 

An historic collection of cultural artefacts - the common tea towel, the CHUX® wipe, the shower curtain (Motif #7) – and the paintings, it is said, that inspired them.

Image: Ida Lawrence, Pale Imitation (Blue and White Zigzags).

Pale Imitations continues Ida Lawrence’s interest in fabricating objects, images, and the stories behind them. Through fiction and subversion, she creates alternative histories for, and new interpretations of, the ordinary and everyday.

In her recent practice, and while painting the patterned works in this exhibition, she has been thinking about the relationship between imperfection and expression, failure and beauty, what they “look like”, and how they are defined within and by different contexts.

In Pale Imitations, Lawrence juxtaposes patterned paintings with similarly patterned mass-produced domestic objects to pose the questions: Which can be called original? And can one really be said to be inferior or superior to the other?