Upcoming - Jeffrey Wood: Weapons of Choice

Open Fri - Sun 11am - 5pm November 7-22 2020, 
Opening event Friday 6 November 6-8pm 

Weapons of choice.

Artist Jeffrey Wood presents a new body of work, made while self isolating during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Four small sculptures of  iconic military weaponry, are all made from the materials immediately available at home. Caring for two cats; Gonzo and Eddie ensure a consistent supply of Cat food tins.The material has a unique aesthetic quality, having a texture and finish similar to Brass or Gold. The pandemic has shut down the global economy and the consequences of that unprecedented but necessary halt to commence is largely unknown and frightening.  The Weapons of choice collection is a response to the science driven shutdown and influenced by the philosophy of Nobel laureate Amartya Sen and American artist Tom Sachs. Wood is interested in our participation in the economy through consumption. The ubiquitous act of feeding the cats is inextricably intertwined with the manufacturer and proliferation of weapons. Is that the price of freedom and happiness?