Upcoming - Navigation 1: Molly Wagner, No Trespassing

Open 11am-5pm, Friday - Sunday, 29 June- 8 July
Opening event Saturday 30 June 3-5pm  

No Trespassing begins a series of four exhibitions exploring the theme of navigation. 

Navigation draws together artists and writers who explore the navigation of urban space. Approaches include the articulation of space with the body, walking and mapping projects, explorations of way-finding and navigational aids, and interrogation of the divide between public and private space. The series as a whole explores the way navigation and movement not only explores but also defines space, physical and metaphorical, personal and public. Molly Wagner's No Trespassing is the first in this series. 

Nadia Odlum
Navigation curator

Molly Wagner No Trespassing 2018

No Trespassing: the art and politics of walking in New South Wales is a process-based art project in which I walk the roads, highways and footpaths between Sydney and (eventually) Bathurst, New South Wales. The title highlights my sense of trespassing into lands and stories despite my practice of walking in public places and pedestrian zones, e.g. footpaths, the shoulder of the road, tracks and stories published for general access. I activate and share the historical and contemporary stories of these roads as a ‘Pedestrian Artist.’ My artworks are how I transform the roads into places rather than blurred images glimpsed through the windows of a speeding car. My walks are artistic and political acts that resist and confound contemporary habits of speed, spectacle, paranoia and consumption. 

I want to acknowledge and pay my respects to the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which I walk, on which I trespass.

Molly Wagner