Upcoming - Steven Fasan: RO(AD)MANCE

Open 11am-5pm Fri - Sun
5 - 20 September 
Opening event: Friday 4 September 6-8pm


Recent Work

Steven Fasan RO(AD)MANCE  2019

RO(AD)MANCE is a selection of photographic images from three road trips driven in 2017, 2018 and 2019. 2017: Cape York (the tip) and the Gulf of Carpentaria. 2018: the Kimberley. 2019: the Pilbara. Each trip was over a period of two to three months. 

These b/w images loosely tend toward abstracting outback landscapes rather than recording a colourful document of place and time of the land. The naming of specific places is of no importance. A visual investigation of isolation, fragility and foreboding in remote outback Australia is my concern. These b/w images attempt to visually confront encounters with the hidden, the raw and, the harsh beauty of the outback  landscape.

The sculptural pieces are reminders of the perils of travel in the remote outback. Discarded motor parts along rugged, barely existent tracks, conjure thoughts of disaster, ruin and quite possibly, tragedy.