Upcoming: Kendal Heyes - Time and the Ocean II

Open  11am-5pm Fri-Sun 17 Oct - 1 November

Opening event: Sat Oct 17, 1-5pm 

Time and the Ocean II  is a continuation of my drawing installation shown at ArticulateUpstairs last year. It further develops ideas and imagery of Time and the Ocean including time as a medium of personal memories and historical events, time invested in making the drawing, ‘marking time’ through slow processes, repetition and variation, the drawing itself as a repository of time, the temporal dimension of viewing the work, time as an ocean in which things are lost and recovered, the ocean as the site of childhood experiences living on the coast and of broader historical events, its associations with ships and seafarers, explorers and refugees, pleasure and danger.  

The drawings are pyrographic, made with a pokerwork machine, which involves burning the image into the paper. It is one of the bold mediums, like ink or marker pen drawing, by which a mark once made cannot be revised or undone, but it carries none of the art-historical baggage of traditional drawing mediums. The images are made with halftone dots, like close-ups of images reproduced in newspapers. Aside from the idea of the drawn image as a copy of an already mediated photographic one, it plays with the idea that you can’t always comprehend a situation when you’re too close to it. 

KH 2020