Upcoming - Social Conscience (TBA)

Clancy Gibson and Matthew Newkirk

Opens 6-8pm Friday 8 March 2019

Open 11am - 5pm Fri - Sun 9 - 24 March

Society today can be hard to navigate. The media, often driven by political agendas, bark orders at the population daily. Growth and commerce at any cost has become a mantra. Often, the natural world takes second place to profit margins. “Social Conscience (TBA)” looks to examine this worrying trend and remind the viewer that we are responsible and accountable for all that occurs. As artists we have a sense of responsibility and concern for the problems and injustices of society today, and an obligation to expose them and offer solutions.

Gibson and Newkirk, both printmakers, will utilise their own creative approach to explore political, environmental and societal issues in a collaborative exhibition.  This exhibition will also complement Democratic Engagement by Chloe Granato-sing and Evan Pank, that will run concurrently in the ground floor project space.

Clancy Gibson Plastic River 2018